Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dare to dream: banjo

I wish I could play the banjo. I can't, so here's a bunch of banjo-related stuff instead.

The BBC just ran a story on the banjo's west African roots. In less enlightened times, the origins of the instrument were deliberately obscured for racially-motivated reasons; finally, the nameless folks who brought this angels' instrument into the world are getting some credit.

Dilbert (September 27, 1994) postulated that one can determine one's rank in an organization by what the boss does while making you wait.

This has happened to me; though, to be fair, it should be pointed out that my boss at the time was already an accomplished banjo player.

I love the sound of clawhammer banjo found in bluegrass music. I wondered, though, how some of Bach's works for unaccompanied string instruments would sound on the banjo. Now I know. Thanks, Internet!

Prelude: moderato from Suite #1 in G major for solo cello

Prelude from Partita #3 in E major for solo violin (starts in earnest at 1:20)

Double: presto from Partita #1 in b minor for solo violin

Badinerie from Suite #2 for flute & orchestra

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