Wednesday, August 10, 2011

BWCA 2011: Day 3

Boundary Waters Adventure with Lisa, Eric Z., Jessica H., and Kate S.

August 8-12, 2011

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By dawn Lac La Croix had calmed from whitecaps to millpond. We had breakfast on the rocky point by the campsite and broke camp. We were sad to leave the site, but we could not in good conscience ask our hosts to share their site with us another night, so it was time to set sail in search of a new home.
Sunrise on Lac La Croix

Breakfast on the point
The first order of business was to find a campsite. We found an open site further north on Lac La Croix. It looked perfectly serviceable, but since it was before noon, we decided to look for another site, one that would be on a point more exposed to wind, such that it would keep the mosquitoes down. We posted Eric and Lisa with one canoe and a few bags as guards at the first site, and Kate, Jess, and I grabbed some other gear and went to check out the alternate site. We found the alternate site guarded by turtles but otherwise unoccupied. We set up some a tent to call dibs on the alternate site and went back to the first to give Eric and Lisa the good news.
Turtles guard the entrance to the bay on which we camped
With our new home established, we grabbed the day bags and went out looking for adventure. There are several well known sets of pictographs on a cliff face on the Canadian side of Lac La Croix. We spent a long time admiring them from the water, and then stopped to to have a snack.

Approaching the pictographs on Lac La Croix
We happened to encounter our Tuesday night campsite hosts at the pictographs. They graciously took a picture of all of us, and conscientiously returned the air mattress repair cement that Jess had lent them. We made a leisurely return to our campsite. I fished a bit (unsuccessfully) but saw a cool frog.

Some members of the party found other forms of amusement.

Then there was dinner, listening to loons, and bed.

Evening on the bay

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