Thursday, October 15, 2009

Angry eagle law firm

Do some aspiring attorneys dream of practicing angry eagle law, or does it just happen?

It happened in Tucson, Arizona, on Valencia Road, just west of the airport. Whether you need to sue over unlawful regurgitation or defend yourself against charges of kleptoparasitism, the Angry Eagle Law Firm has you covered. You can celebrate your assured victory across the parking lot, at the Happy Chicken restaurant.

Angry Eagle and Happy Chicken, staring each other down across the Arizona asphalt - I wonder if anyone at the zoning board chuckled when these building permits were issued.

32.13412 N, 110.97922 W (WGS84)

You can see the avian showdown in Street View.

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Nancy Campbell said...

This fine law firm once employed my friend Allison. They run horrific, yet hilarious ads, and refer to themselves as yes, "The Eagle." (As in: Need Justice? Call The Eagle.)